Minutiae for You-tiae

I’m willing to concede that I could probably have improved on that headline. Yet something about it makes me giggle.

  • Stephen Colbert has swallowed 20 condoms full of truth, and he’ll be smuggling them across the border through 2006: The Colbert Report is finding its feet and Comedy Central is betting it will just get better through 2006, which is the term of the Report’s renewal based on less than three weeks of its eight-week run. Pretty sweet vote of confidence. Congratulations, Stephen! By the way, that condom line is from last week; my DVR hasn’t been working and yesterday it got fixed. Party with my Comedy Central peeps! More Jon/Steve coverage to come, promise. [Zap2It]
  • Stephen Colbert has swallowed 20 condoms full of truth, and he actually will be smuggling them across the border: Colbert report was picked up in Canada, following “The Daily Show” on The Comedy Network beginning November 7th. Suck it, Raymond! [CTV]
  • Jann Wenner’s new job description: Abs over celebs The gaps are being plugged at Men’s Journal: associate publisher Will Schenk has been promoted to publisher following the defection of Carlos Lamadrid, and Journal vet Tom Foster has been appointed editor, with Wenner to be…EIC. According to MediaWeek, Men’s Journal is about the vision of yon Jann, and where former editor Michael Caruso clashed Tom Foster will cleave. Hence he will be far too busy to launch yet another celebrity mag. Which frankly, we don’t seem to need. [MediaWeek]
  • It’s the new Mother Nature takin’ over: MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman thinks it’s the new splendid lady’s time to call: he’s betting on Mother Nature for Time’s “Man of the Year,” even though she’s totally a chick. He also portends possible props to Patrick Fitzgerald, who incidentally is also the man behind the investigation into Conrad Black‘s improprieties. It all comes back to Canada, peole. If you don’t believe me just sing along with this headline. [MarketWatch]
  • Fishbowl: Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places First Jake Tapper‘s haikus, then Andrew Hearst‘s faux-Ethicist, and now this: I think I may have just fallen in love with TMFTML, whose noir-ish play on MoDo is unbelievably brilliant, if a tad unkind. Still, you write a book about how men are obviously too threatened by your fabulousness to date you, you are kind of asking for it. In any case, the upshot is this: funny, smart things will always win my heart. And food. I like being fed. [TMFTML]