Personal Finance for iPhone App Lets You Tag Location to Expenses, the web-based personal finance site owned by Intuit, updated its iPhone app. One of the new features is something all of us are aware of when tracking expenses but never (or rarely) formalize when tracking finances: Location.

Introducing Manual Transactions for iPhone

The updated Mint app now permits manually entering an expense (vs. automated tracking of credit card or check payments). And, geographic location can be added to these manually tracked expenses using Google Places to identify businesses. This can be especially useful when traveling to track those incidental expesnses.

The enhancements and new features in this update are:

– Add transactions from your iPhone, so you can track expenses and income on the go.
– Uses Google Places to help you find a merchant when adding a transaction.
– View your available or current balance, along with pending transactions, for each account.
– Fixed a bug that prevented some users from searching for categories. Personal Finance (iTunes App Store)