Minsh Layering an Undersea Virtual World on top of Twitter

fishWhile services like Blerp are being used to create virtual worlds on top of websites, Minsh is doing the same thing, but in reverse, on top of Twitter conversations.

Currently in closed alpha, this new application lets players tweet in a fully 3D ocean with fish as avatars for other Twitter users. Simply click the chat bubbles and tweet away.

Visually, it isn’t that impressive yet, but it has potential. The fish look decent, but Minsh could add more features to the open ocean backdrop, such as barrier reefs or trenches.

Overall, as pointed out by Ralph Koster, this marriage of virtual worlds and Twitter could lead to synchronous communication in Twitter, which has typically been more asynchronous.

The possibilities are promising. Imagine implementing a global network represented by the oceans around various parts of the world, from the great barrier reefs of Australia to the chilling waters of the Bering Sea. Perhaps Minsh could add schools or pods to represent Twitter followings.

You can sign up for alpha at Minsh.net or follow them on Twitter. The next phase of testing will begin July 13th.

[via Virtual Worlds News]