That’s how all the cool kids are sayin’ it these days. Get with the program.

  • Is this thing on? The WSJ thinks the all-inclusive-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-oh-wait-we-have-that-too New Yorker DVDs are old-school…too old-school. They’re “a bit of an anachronism,” says Jessica Mintz, who can’t zip through issues and articles like she can on the ‘net. She blames copyright law. See? It all comes back to Google. [WSJ]
  • In praise of Michael Wolff Former New York Press editor Russ Smith is a man with a lot of opinions. Today they are about Michael Wolff‘s under-appreciated talents, David Remnick‘s appreciated talents, Tom DeLay‘s bad judgment calls, Tony Blair, John Kerry, Graydon Carter, Bill Clinton, and the relevance-killing realities of magazine deadlines. And that’s just the first paragraph. [Jewish World Review]
  • You Scooter, you reprint ‘er! I know that makes no sense but I can’t resist that joke. St. Martin’s press is reprinting Scooter Libby‘s Japanese snow-and-sexfest, “The Apprentice.” GalleyCat has the scoop. [GC]
  • How do you solve a problem like Judith Miller? We have no idea, but as soon as she made that convent comment she was fair game for a “Sound of Music” reference. [NYT]
  • We hear…we hear… That NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is hilarious! Last night he hosted an event for Esquire‘s “Best and Brightest” issue for the third year straight, and word on the street is that he always totally kills. Our source tells us that last night was no exception, despite a scratchy throat (feel better, Brian!). The “Best and Brightest” is December’s issue and has Clinton on the cover.