Minneapolis Paper Unveils Kindle Edition

The Star-Tribune of Minneapolis has unveiled a new edition of the paper that can be read on the Kindle E-reader.

The Kindle device and software, developed by an Amazon.com subsidiary, allows readers to purchase and read a black-and-white edition of several newspapers around the country. The Star-Tribune edition costs $10 per month, or 75 cents a day—25 cents more than the cover price of a weekday edition.

The non-color Kindle version “will not include some images and tables,” [such as] crosswords, box scores and classifieds,” according to David Brauer of minnpost.com. There is also a free 14-day trial period.

By comparison, The Star-Tribune’s Kindle edition price of $10/month is equal to that of The Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post. USA Today charges $11.99/month, The New York Times $13.99/month, and The Wall Street Journal costs $14.99/month.

According to Brauer, the Star-Tribune now costs $220/year to read seven days a week at full price, compared to $120/year on Kindle and $114 for the paper’s E-edition, which features the paper’s layout reproduced online.

The Star-Tribune’s mobile editions and Web site are, for the moment, free.

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