Mini-review “My iPad 2” Book: A Book to Buy for Your iPad Newbie Friends & Family

Gary Rosenzweig updated his iPad book to cover the iPad 2. Here’s my quick take of this 400 (paper) page book.

My iPad 2 (covers iOS 4.3), 2nd Edition

My iPad 2 provides simple to understand step-by-step instructions for working with every aspect of an iPad 2 as shipped from Apple. The full-color screenshots with easy to see and read pointers makes it easy to find objects on the screen that need to be tapped, swiped or typed in. The level of detail in the book is amazing. The only small error I found is in the section about activiting 3G service for AT&T. It still refers to the unlimited 3G data plan that AT&T discontinued as an option for new iPad 3G service requests.

I’m very impressed by both the completeness and the level of detail provided in each operational description in the book. This is one of those books that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself but will buy to give to someone brand new to using an iPad 2 (or even the older original iPad). The book lists for $24.99 but is available for $16.32 in Amazon for the paper edition and $9.99 for the Kindle ebook edition. Que also provide a watermarked PDF DRM-free ebook for $17.99. Ironically, I did not find the book in Apple’s own iBooks store.

Finally, a shout out and thank you to the book’s publisher Pearson Educaion/QUE who provided a review copy of the book in an ebook format. This not only got the book to me while I was actually thinking about it but also let me “carry” the book in my iPad so I could read it as time allowed and while on the move. I wish all publishers would provide ebook review copies to get them to reviewers in a more timely manner, a more convenient format and with a smaller carbon footprint.