Mime is money: Russian mag copy, v. 2.0

If you’ve been poring over the Manhattan newsstands and are already tired of seeing what Shakespeare in the first scene of Richard III referred to as the “wrinkled front” of our country’s own Dear Leader on the cover of TIME (and everywhere else), Fishbowl is sure you won’t mind if we bring you another Russian alternative: MIME.
In a week where the Motherland has tried to introduce anti-Jewish legislation into its parliament on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the death camps, (where’s that Stalin statue, already, Vlady?), you can count on the – still mostly American – folks over at www.exile.ru to be on the cutting edge of a trend that’s certain soon to hit the sidewalks of New York. Marcel Marceau-chic is coming back, so stock up on white shirts, jaunty berets, and lots of The Cure-type eyeliner before Spring.