Milton Glaser, Maya Lin and Philippe de Montebello Honored at White House with National Medals


In case you missed it, both a design heavy, a famed architect, and a museum bigwig were hobnobbing with President Obama at the White House last week. Design giant Milton Glaser was awarded the National Medal of Arts and former Met director Philippe de Montebello received a National Humanities Medal, as did Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer/architect Maya Lin (the White House has just released video of the ceremony, which you’ll find after the jump). The three were surrounded by heavies from other fields, including writer Robert Caro and go-to composer for multi-million dollar blockbuster films, John Williams. The full transcript is here, but here’s the snippets about those mentioned above:

Maya Lin. (Applause.) The 2009 National Medal of Arts to Maya Lin, for her profound work as an architect, artist, and environmentalist. Her vision for the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial emblemizes her deep understanding of the ways in which we respond to the world around us. (Applause.)

Milton Glaser. (Applause.) The 2009 National Medal of Arts to Milton Glaser, for a lifetime devoted to improving the way people communicate through innovation in graphic design, and for memorable visual artifacts that challenge contemporary artists and delight all Americans. (Applause.)

Philippe de Montebello. (Applause.) The 2009 National Humanities Medal to Philippe de Montebello, for his vision in bringing great art to an international public and his leadership in revitalizing the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and for fostering arts appreciation among people of all ages. (Applause.)