Millennials Use Apps to Beat Elders to Bargains

Ibotta studies how they shop

A new study from the Ibotta app shows why millennial-focused marketers should beef up their mobile initiatives.

Not surprisingly, the study, which was based on feedback from more than 63,000 millennials, found that the age group is the savviest in using mobile devices and apps.

Approximately 60 percent of millennials—a group that represents 40 percent of Ibotta's users—use social media to keep up with brands for potential deals and discounts. And when shopping, millennials save 5 percent more than those in the 35-45 age group and older.

When using Ibotta, millennials are stategic, the study found. Sixty percent explained that they would be willing to switch up the products that they buy to utilize a wider variety of discounts.

This age group is also concerned about the environment—a finding that has surfaced in myriad polls. Fifty percent of those surveyed say that a brand's environmental consciousness is "extremely" or "very important," compared to 14 percent who said that it is "not important at all."