Military Contractors Get Hacked

Lockheed Martin and others suffer breaches

Hackers are at it again. And this time they may have been looking to grab more than just user information from the cyber heist. The security networks of Lockheed Martin and other U.S. military contractors were breached, though it is not immediately apparent what kind of data may have been stolen.

Unlike the recent spate of Sony server hacks around the world, the reported breaches at Lockheed and other military contractors expose the risk of leaking sensitive data on military technology. A former defense official told Reuters, however, that all classified information used by contractors is kept on a separate closed server managed by the U.S. government.

According to someone close to the investigation of the incident, hackers created duplicate electronic keys to break in to the systems. The two-step verification process requires a personal identification number and a series of numbers that change on a regular basis. The so-called “SecurID” electronic keys are less expensive than more complex options like biometrics-based logins. The Pentagon also uses this type of password technology for some of its servers.