Newspaper Celebrates the Success of ‘Our Star’ Miles Teller

Florida's Citrus County Chronicle gives Teller the marquee treatment.

The car rolled seven or eight times. Miles Teller, a New York University student on his way back home to Florida in 2007, was in the passenger seat. As this weekend’s front-page story in the Citrus County Chronicle vividly reminds him, the actor is lucky to be alive.


From the top of reporter Andrew Caplan’s piece:

Teller, then 20, was ejected from the vehicle and thrown 25 to 30 feet from the wreckage. When he came to, he was covered in blood and wracked with pain—but alive, along with the two friends he was riding with.

Teller has lifelong reminders of the day: The accident left him with a fractured wrist and needing staples in his shoulder, as well as scars on his chin, neck and left cheek … He feared he wouldn’t ever get a fair shot at acting, that he would be stereotyped as a villain or an accident victim. He said he was often told he was talented, but too scarred.

Although other outlets including the Tampa Bay Times in 2014 and TMZ this same past weekend have played up the “hotness” of Teller’s former Lecanto High School drama teacher, Caplan wisely skips over that minor detail. Instead, the reporter focuses on how Beth Bebee turned around a laughing-stock drama program, including in his write-up a nice comment from her.

In a sidebar about Teller’s four slated 2016 releases, starting with a pair of films that arrive in theaters March 18 and March 25, Caplan teases this intriguing tidbit:

Elvis Presley is someone I really want to play,” Teller said.

The young actor said he is a fan of The King’s music and aware Presley filmed a movie in Citrus County. He said he’s currently reading a book called The Unmaking of Elvis Presley, in which Presley references his time in the county, and hinted that the read might be as much research as relaxation.

The movie Presley filmed in the area was his ninth, Follow That Dream.

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