Milbank’s Editors Are Playa Hatas

I just had an hour-long fight with my editor about whether or not I could use ‘penis-size’ in my column. I think you know who won.”

Thus spoketh Dana Milbank at last night’s National Press Club awards ceremony (hat tip: Politico).

(earlier on FishbowlDC)

We also hear that winner Brody Mullins said, “It’s the cast and crew, not just the byline, that makes a story. I thank my editors, and of course my girlfriend, my parents, my two brothers, my sister in law and future sister in law. Iou guys can have the plaque, I’ll take the check.”

Said another attendee: “Seemed that most of the awards went to people who had stories about pets. Jim Carroll of the Louisville paper was funny as always. Dave Folkeflik won 2 awards and had a good speech. There was an interesting mix of awards for stories about puppy mills, breast implants, geriatrics and war.”