Milan Design Week Rundown


Unfortunately, due to rising fuel prices, we weren’t able to borrow the mediabistro jet to attend the recently concluded Milan Design Week. Fortunately, the wide world of blogs is both wide and worldly, so we present you with a variety of sites whose coverage we’ve been using to follow the week’s goings-ons. First up is Core77, who dishes out not just a bazillion great written posts about what they saw and who they talked to, but also have included more than a dozen videos from the event. Designboom, per usual, also had a ton of design-y people on the ground, collecting more than 1500 photos and dozens of short write-ups to boot (really, it’d take you about three weeks to go through all of it). And last, the always dependable MocoLoco has been spending their days offering up some swell coverage and links to other bits of miscellaneous sites talking about it all. So go forth and take in all that Milan has to offer from the comfort of your own desk, living room, or swimming pool (if you have a laptop that goes underwater or you live in a tiny, tiny submarine).