Mika Brzezinski’s Baby Obssession: Revealed

On Thursday afternoon, guests packed into Politics & Prose Bookstore to hear Mika Brzezinksi discuss her unhealthy relationship with food and her book, Obsessed. In the mix were kids and dogs and babies. As anyone who watches MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” knows, Mika has a thing for babies. She loves them to pieces and pulls them onto her lap any chance she gets. It’s cute and all, but it’s not all that it seems.

Even before Mika spotted the baby at the bookstore, she heard its cries. Her eyes zipped right over to the bundle and up she popped to get the baby. Joe Scarborough sat there startled but amused as he watched his co-host interrupt her own book discussion to make a beeline for the baby.

Upon picking up the dumpling, it began to wail. “That went well,” Scarborough joked.

More seriously… Mika later explained that she was so worried and focused on her weight and size when her own children were born that she’s compelled to make up for what she missed by cradling babies any chance she gets.

Mika holds a baby as he or she cried loudly, making a scene in the otherwise pin-drop quiet room.