Microsoft’s Confusing Zune HD App Story

The Seattle Times’ Brier Dudley interviewed Zune marketing manager Brian Seitz and excerpted the Q&A related to Zune HD apps in…

Microsoft launches Zune, clarifies what’s up with apps, raps iPod

It is a really odd reading Q&A (well, the Qs are ok, the answers are the problem). Here’s my interpretations of the responses:

– Last year we released games for the Zune. But, this year, we’re, um, releasing games for the Zune HD too. But, we’re working on apps for Twitter and Facebook. But, all our apps are free because, well, um, I’m not saying.
– We don’t know when we will open up the Zune HD to more 3rd party app developers because, um, we don’t have a strategy for that.
– The response to a question about the new iPod nano’s video camera is classic. Here’s the quote without any interpretation from me: The more things like that that make their way into these devices that aren’t about great music and video playback, the more it’s distracting or sacrificing that original purpose of the device. Apps are jamming in, cameras — that’s work that’s not being done on the music front. Um, I wonder if Mr. Seitz has looked at his company’s Windows Mobile smartphones???

For a polar opposite viewpoint from most commentators (regarding Zune HD apps), check out my friend Chris Leckness’ commentary on the site…

Why I am not “real” excited about getting the Zune HD (or iPod Touch)

Zune is in Mr. Seitz’s camp: Anything except for music and video playback is non-essential for the Zune.

Your thoughts?