Microsoft Xbox Lead Defects to Apple

Richard TervershamFor years, there has been a rivalry on many fronts between Microsoft and Apple. In the gaming market, the latest “win” goes to Apple, which has just poached Microsoft Xbox executive Richard Teversham.

With a 15-year history at Microsoft, Teversham most recently served as senior director of business, insights, and strategy for the Xbox home console. Before moving into that position, he served as director for platform and marketing from 2005 -2007.

Teversham didn’t just move companies; he changed his role significantly as well. From what is reported by MCV, Teversham accepted an “education-related role” at Apple’s European iPhone office. There, he will report to European VP of interactive entertainment, Chris Lewis.

Microsoft confirmed the change via a spokesman, who stated that “Richard Teversham, director of business, insights and strategy, has taken a new opportunity outside of Microsoft. A process is underway for recruiting his replacement.”

As a side note, Teversham was also on the Board of ISFE (Interactive Software Federation of Europe), a group responsible for PEGI age ratings. For now, it is unclear if he will continue those responsibilities while at Apple.