Microsoft Office to Get Its Own Apps

When MS announced the next version of Office they did say that major changes were on the way, but I don’t think anyone expected this app to get its own apps.

Okay, MS Office is a suite of productivity apps, but as you can see from the above video apps like Excel are getting their own internal apps. And MS is working to recruit developers to create the apps.

This is a great idea, and I’m thrilled to see MS expand on the programming abilities in MS Office. You might not know this, but one of the lesser known features of MS Office was support for Visual Basic. A tech-savvy Office user can use VB to automate some tasks in MS Office and thus save himself the work involved ir repeating the same action. You could write a VB script which makes a specific edit like removing double spaces from after a sentence, and that’s only the most basic option.

And with Office 13 Microsoft is going to enable users to do far more than basic repetitive tasks. The possibilities are endless.

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