Microsoft Mobilizing Halo 3?

All those millions of gamers who play the ever-popular Halo on their Xbox might soon have access to the Halo universe on their cell phone. Or some of it, anyway.
Gaming news site reports that Microsoft has a listing on looking for an engineer to help it develop a multiplatform strategy for some Halo 3 community features.
According to 1Up, the job listing says, in part, “We’re looking to blend console, web and mobile to create an immersive Halo world that follows the dedicated Halo fan wherever they go….As an engineer on this team, your responsibility will be to deliver a great out-of-game interactive experience that takes the next step beyond the systems found in Halo 3.”
So, what are the chances that this “immersive Halo world” that follows players “wherever they go” will follow them onto an iPhone?
[Image courtesy of Microsoft]