Michelle Obama Doesn’t Pick Maria Pinto, but Ushers in New Era of Fashion Design Focus Within First Family

1106obfashion.jpgWell by now you’ve likely heard the brief story on some obscure AM radio station or maybe read it in a small 1/4″ column in your local alt-weekly, but it looks like Obama won the election (we’re still waiting to get that verified 100%). But, oh my, how we jest (ha, we’re so great at jesting, aren’t we?). In truth, we were down there with 120,000 of our best pals at the Grant Park rally here in Chicago, laughing it up, crying it up, and up-with-peopleing it up too. It was great. Though we can’t and shouldn’t avoid the one potential problem with the future administration that we were keen enough to catch. You’ll remember that we reported that Michelle Obama’s favorite local designer, Maria Pinto, was hoping that the future First Lady would be wearing a dress of her creation. But instead, Mrs. Obama went with another red dress for the big event, that one designed by Narciso Rodriguez. Does this mean she has shamed Pinto forever? Is she a flip-flopper? So far the biased mainstream media doesn’t seem to care, including the International Herald Tribune who says, despite her dress selection getting picked on by some writers and bloggers, the Obama administration will bring a new, fresh, designer-conscious fashion sense to the White House. For that, we light a pantsuit and a pastel-colored skirt ablaze, hoist them into the air, and scream “Huzzah!”