Joe Torre, Joan Collins and a Mogul Mashup


I knew I was in for an interesting afternoon when I saw ’80s icon Joan Collins and former Yankee skipper Joe Torre arrive at Michael’s within minutes of each other. Where else would you possibly expect to run into two icons at the opposite ends of the pop cultural spectrum at lunch in Manhattan? The funny thing was barely anyone noticed. The  crowd was much too busy trying to figure out what all the media moguls were discussing at their tables. Sorry to disappoint, but I can’t read lips so I’m not much help on that front. However, I can report these captains of industry barely took a breath between bites and there were a lot of points being made with forks in the air.

Here’s the rundown on today’s crowd:

1. Discovery ID’s head honcho Henry Schleiff, holding court with four important-looking folks

2. Joan Collins, husband Percy Gibson and an unidentified preppie. The Dynasty star was in full diva mode as she sauntered to her table peering out at the crowd from beneath the brim of her gray cowboy hat. Alexis Carrington lives!

3.  For a minute we thought Bono might be stopping by when we heard manager Paul McGuinness had reserved the table, but it turned out his guests were two folks who definitely were not members of U2.

4. Mike Ovitz, talking a blue streak while his lunch date spent much of the time listening with his arms crossed. Whatever could that body language mean?

5.  Leslie Moonves, having an animated discussion with a seemingly serious chap we didn’t get to meet.

6. PR impresario Paul Wilmot and four fab female fashionistas. (One clad in head-to-toe lace!)

7. Media moguls Jason Binn and Jared Kushner, enjoying a long lunch (They even shared a plate of cookies!)

8. New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia, Brooke Hayward and Alex Hitz.

10. Headbutler’s Jesse Kornbluth.

11. Literary and talent agent Wayne Kabak

12. William Lauder (who, we hear, gave a dynamic presentation at Estee Lauder’s shareholder’s meeting yesterday), Elle editrix Robbie Myers and another stylish looking gal.

14. Randy Jones

15. Tony Hoyt (Long time no see!)

16. Author and historian Harold Holzer

17. Charles Schueler

18. CBS spinmeister Gil Schwartz and two pals.

20. Accessory maven Mickey Ateyeh

21. A casually clad Isaac Mizrahi — What would his Fashion Show cohost Iman say about those sneakers and jeans? — and dance philanthropist Patsy Tarr.

22.’s  Roger Friedman

23. Mort Hamburg and politico Robert Zimmerman

24. CeCe Cord and some social swans.

25. Literary agent Luke Janklow

26. Euan Rellie

27. Joe Torre (loved the groovy shades!) and wife Ali Torre with Tom Goodman and Arthur Sando. Tom tells me Joe is in town for tomorrow night’s gala for Joe’s Safe at Home Foundation at Chelsea Piers.

29. My good pal Dr. Robi Ludwig with Melissa Meyers. When I stopped by their table to say hello, I got an earful. Robi tells me she’s launching a new jewelry line in January on Melissa has her own site,, where visitors can go behind the scenes at all kinds of glam events, get the latest scoop from Hollywood and buy red carpet-worthy styles. If your closet is empty, these two are there to help!

Faces in the crowd:  The ‘Bar-ettes’ Kira Semler and Vi Huse, toasting the fall season during their monthly champagne lunch at the bar. Cheers!

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