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The oft-combative Michael Wolff is biting the hand that once fed him in his upcoming Vanity Fair column, taking aim at Adam Moss and New York Magazine. According to Keith Kelly at the New York Post, Wolff’s column is a screed against Moss’ new-and-improved version of the magazine, which has “repositioned itself as a worthy satellite of the New York Times,” but is unfunny and entirely too earnest under the “very correct and humorless” Adam Moss. Ouch. Get off that fence, why dontcha.

We think Wolff might be just a leeetle jealous – after all, New York got three ASME nominations and not one but TWO Fishies last week! Don’t worry, Michael, you’ll get your chance at a Fishy yet. Plus, Bright Eyes** told us he totally loves your stuff.


**Actully, Bright Eyes didn’t mention Michael Wolff. We just wanted to cheer him up because he’s obviously really upset about those Fishies.