Michael Moore Feels Bad For Wolf-Bashing

It’s hard to put a finger on which party is the bigger “publicity whore” here: Michael Moore or CNN.

From Moore’s site:

I have to admit, though, I do feel kinda bad taking it all out on Wolf Blitzer. It’s not like he’s the official representative of the mainstream media. I mean, he’s from Buffalo, for crying out loud! He said to me at the end of the show last week to please come back on “anytime you want.” I will take him up on that offer and appear again with him tomorrow (Wednesday). I’m not expecting a dozen roses or make-up sex — I only want a promise that there will be no more distorted distractions so we can have a decent discussion about the REAL issues like why 18,000 Americans die every year because they don’t have a health insurance card. More than 300 of them died this week.

If he, in fact, appears, Moore will have been a guest on CNN three times in nine days, for those of you scoring at home.


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