Michael Bolton is Warmed Up for Table Mountain Casino

Seth Meyers is still buzzing about the SNL40 after-party's most surprising performer.

The only thing more dichotomous than Michael Bolton professing his love on SNL for Pirates of the Caribbean is sharing an SNL 40th anniversary after-party stage with Prince and killing it on the same level. Sure, the Purple One will always be the coolest guy in the room; but as Seth Meyers explained on his talk show last night, Bolton’s performance of “When a Man Loves a Woman” destroyed. “You don’t think [with Michael Bolton], ‘I’m about to get my balls blown off.’ But that’s what happened, to me, to everybody,” Meyers explained.

Bolton is following up the Plaza Hotel on a Sunday with an equally dichotomous feat – the Table Mountain Casino in Friant, California on a Tuesday (SRO). As he recently told the Fresno BeeJoshua Tehee, his earliest and forgotten-by-many musical days connected him to a pair of the other big celebs in the Plaza celebrity mosh pit:

“Before [Bruce] Kulick went off to join Kiss, our band Blackjack was opening for people like Ozzy Osbourne and Krocus. We had released two albums on Polydor in ’79/’80. Bruce and I wrote the songs together. I recently learned that Jay Z actually sampled one of our songs, “Stay,” on his record “A Dream,” and Kanye West used our song “Maybe it’s the Power of Love” in his song “Never Let Me Down.” It’s awesome to see the relevance of those songs now and it’s definitely got me thinking about the band again.”