Michael Bloomberg Would Pay $5 Billion for NY Times

Have you heard that Bloomberg is going to buy the Times?

It has been about three months since the media buzzed about Michael Bloomberg buying The New York Times, so we’re way overdue for a new rumor. Thankfully, Fox Business reporter Charles Gasparino has provided it.

Gasparino says his sources claim that Bloomberg is not only interested in buying the paper, he’s willing to shell out $5 billion to make it happen. That’s more than more than double the Times’ $2.3 billion market cap.

We’re fans of Bloomberg Is Going To Buy The Times Rumor #446 just because of the absurdness of it. If Gasparino had said Bloomberg was going to pay market value? Boooorrrrrinnnng. Instead, he throws the $5 billion figure out there and boom! People are talking.

Rumor 446 is so good it might even last until the next rumor pops up. We’ll let you know in about a week.