Meteorologist Domenica Davis ‘Surprised’ How Long She Stayed at WNBC

It was a short stint, but Domenica Davis built her TV brand with two years as weekend meteorologist at WNBC. In August, FishbowlNY learned first that Davis’ contract would not be renewed. She left Channel 4 in October. Davis also spent three years as weather anchor on Fox News Channel.

Although the camera and Davis mesh beautifully, the WNBC gig many times didn’t appear to be her best fit. Now Davis tells FishbowlNY, in her first interview since leaving Channel 4, she is exploring a slightly altered career path.

“I’ve always been a feature reporter and hosted special event coverage prior to working at FNC and WNBC,” Davis says. “It’s something I really love and have a lot of fun doing.”

Davis holds a special place for weather, but the outlook for a return in the near future is unlikely. “I love being a meteorologist but it was getting to be too much of the same thing every day and I feel I have a lot more to offer,” she explains.

At this point, she is freelancing for Bader TV and working on a project for the ION channel. “I’m trying to get out of weather and do more hosting work. I’ve been trying to make the shift for a while.”

Regarding her departure from WNBC, she says it was totally planned from the beginning.

“It was no surprise at all,” she insists. “I was actually surprised how long I stayed. I was hired by the previous general manager. It was made very clear to me my first days there that the new GM wanted his own person. I have no hard feelings. It was a great opportunity.”