Metacafe Videos Go Mobile

Video-sharing site Metacafe has hooked up with a number of mobile entertainment companies to offer its videos to mobile users worldwide.

Metacafe.jpgThis week it announced partnerships with Buoniorno, Dyuna and Mobile Streams, which make Metacafe’s short-form videos accessible to mobile phones in more than 100 countries.

Buongiorno helps companies market their content through private labels and also sells direct to consumers under its Blinko brand. Dyuna operates an ad-supported mobile entertainment marketplace that provides users access to a global catalog of digital content. Mobile Streams is a leader in made-for-mobile content production and provides music, comedy, animation, adult and other entertainment content to mobile users worldwide.

These partnerships follow last week’s deals with mobile content delivery platform providers Nareos and Zed, which developed the “Send to Mobile” functionality now integrated into the Metacafe site.