Meredith Vieira Describes Her New Talk Show in Three Words

Photo credit: Erek Ekroth

On Monday night at the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame Awards, we snagged an exclusive with Meredith Vieira and the very humble journalist and former Today show anchor dished about her upcoming show.

What can we expect from The Meredith Vieira Show which debuts on the tube next fall?

“I used three words to describe it,” she tells MediaJobsDaily. “Heat, heart and humor.”

She continues:

“Heat because I want to talk about discussions that women care about. Men and women but mostly women. Humor, it’s got to have humor, that reflects who I am but it has to be organic to the show. It won’t be gimmicky, it’s not me, I can’t pull it off.

And heart is the most important part. Our goal is to inspire people with every show and if we accomplish that then I think we will have done our job. We joke that we want to change the world and have fun doing it but if we can change one person in that day, if we can bring a smile to them or make them think twice about something, then it has a ripple effect and that’s all I can hope to do.

And if I succeed with that, then great and if it doesn’t work, I know syndication is a tough thing so I’ll do my best and just have fun. I’m surrounding myself with people who I love and respect and we’ll see what happens.”

We just had to ask if any of her peers or former colleagues from The View gave her advice such as Barbara Walters.

Apparently the answer was a resounding no which actually made Meredith smile. “I’m glad because that would make me really anxious.”

She adds, “When I started with Millionaire 11 years ago, people asked me if Regis [Philbin] gave me any advice. I said, ‘No, it’s now my show.’ I’m not trying to put myself in his shoes. I’m walking out there in my own shoes so I have to create the show that works well for me.”