Mercedes-Benz Opens App Store

First Amazon had to get in on the action and open an app store. Then Facebook. Now Mercedez-Benz?

In a move to let drivers download content directly to their car, Mercedes-Benz has launched its own app store. CNET has more: “The new online app store will let customers browse for new applications to add to their vehicle’s Comand infotainment system. Google Search, Weather, Facebook are standard apps on this system, and Yahoo should be added later this year. Using their phone’s Internet connection, they can connect to the MB App Shop to download new apps to their car.”

One of the two apps currently available in the store is called Parkplatzsuche, and it helps drivers find a parking place. It sells for 9.95 Euros.

Here’s more from the app’s description, translated from the original German using Google: “Based on your current vehicle position, target position, or your favorites, you can search while driving car park in the area. For every parking space you see the parking capacity, as well as useful additional information such as parking, type of car park, contact information and opening times. If necessary, you can establish a telephone connection.”