Young Men Prefer Facebook And Email Over Sex

A growing number of young men in UK prefer checking emails and browsing through social media sites like Facebook over sex, according to a new study conducted in UK by Sparkler for Microsoft Advertising.

The study revealed that 38% of men are so addicted to Internet that they have surfed the web to check emails and socialize on Facebook, while in bed with their partner. Almost all young males in UK (99%) go online daily with half of them using mobile devices to access the web.

80% of the men aged between 18 and 44 say that they would be lost without internet access. An overwhelming 57% of the respondents consider internet to be their primary attachment, while 49% think that they are most attached to mobile phones and 46% to TV.

Around 94% of all young men in UK use email at least once per day, where as 60% of them use social sites like Facebook on a daily basis. The email and social media addiction is so profound that 25% of the men flock to checking their email the first thing in morning, as compared to 18% that sign into social networking sites as soon as they wake up.

The study also revealed that men are migrating from TV to internet with 25% of the young males living with their partners stating that they watched TV on their PC in the living room, while their partner uses the main TV set.

The study also indicated that these young males were always doing something on the internet, like checking for football scores, while waiting for the dinner to be served – or checking for their email or Facebook a final time before going to bed with their partner.

Image from brandsizzle.