Memorial Day Weekend Miscellany

Hello and welcome back! I hope that Memorial Day Weekend left you refreshed and well-rested, or at least that you have Tylenol handy. Lots of things happened this weekend but we’re only going to allude to them briefly because this blogging thing is all about the now: Ted Koppel and Wolf Blitzer each used Memorial Day to actually memorialize; Paul Krugman got huffy over Daniel Okrent’s final column, and the Times promises a knock-down drag-out fight in the oft-bookmarked and breathlessly-read Public Editor’s Forum; Katie and Diane are getting old already; Kurt Andersen is imitated, flattered, but disappointed; David Carr channelled Modest Mouse; everyone but me has seen “Revenge of the Sith”; the NYT wondered when the Da Vinci code will come out in paperback (they should have asked the guy next to me on the plane, he had one. So if you speak French, you just saved $20!); it was actually warm; Tina Brown took a final bow; and the NYT won our fishy hearts by saying that “The Sound of Music” still rocks. Oh, come on, like you don’t have a Captain Von Trapp fantasy. More stuff happened but since now we’re all thinking about Captain Von Trapp we’ll let it go. Hope you all had a good one.