Melissa Ethridge Tries to Ignore Media ‘Fodder Machine’

In the past year, singer Melissa Ethridge has divorced partner Tammy Lynn Michaels and undertaken a new romance with Nurse Jackie creator Linda Wallem, a long-time friend. As a result, she has been in the middle of more sensational media coverage, much like when David Crosby was revealed to be the biological father of her first two children.

Ahead of a local tour date in Michigan, Ethridge chatted with REVUE reporter Rich Tupica about handling the media spotlight. She cleverly understands the hit-tastic needs of today’s online gossip sites, so rather than excoriate her showbiz trackers, she says she essentially tries ignore them:

“Sometimes, some of the nastier stuff, that hurts and I’m embarrassed mostly. But the other stuff, no one knows what’s really going on, nobody can tell. It’s a funny machine that just needs fodder to keep it running–sometimes I’m a part of the fodder.”

Maybe Ethridge can lampoon the media in that new Broadway musical she says she and Wallem have begun writing. Add in the singer’s positive experiences with medical marijuana, and it could result in a barn burner of a California set musical!