Mel Bay Releases 1,000 eBook Music Tutorials

Want to learn how to play a piano? There is a new series of eBooks from Mel Bay Publications that will help you do just that.

The eBook series includes more than 1,000 eBooks with instructions on how to learn how to play tons of different instruments from harmonica to guitar. The eBooks are available as PDF documents and you can buy them directly from the publisher at By January 2011, the music publisher plans to have more than 2,500 eBooks available.

Bryndon Bay president of Mel Bay had this statement:  “Our company was founded on the principle that music instruction should be available to everyone, everywhere. E-books make that possible in a more convenient way.”

To celebrate the e-book launch, Mel Bay is giving away a free iPad and a $250 credit for Mel Bay eBook purchases. Follow this link to register for the sweepstakes.