Megyn Kelly Tells Rand Paul How to Give an Interview

Someone needs a media trainer.

Our bold prediction: Rand Paul will not be President of the United States. Ever.

He is, however, a nationally-known politician with a media relations problem. When you’re trying to “brand” yourself as an anti-establishment Senator, that’s fine — but elected officials with national ambitions need to learn how to make nice with the press.

Paul earned quite a few headlines this week for lecturing Savannah Guthrie on how to give an interview, but he clearly dislikes being grilled — even by an interviewer like Megyn Kelly of Fox, who goes so far as to claim that those who criticized him for “mansplaining” were themselves being sexist.

Not sure we agree with the Media Matters headline about Kelly “[running] defense” for Paul in this case, but she does have one thing right: it’s only going to get more difficult for him.