Meg Whitman is Having Press Problems Already

Former eBay CEO current billionaire Meg Whitman is campaigning for the Republican nomination for governor of California. Her ads proclaiming the problem with California is a “crisis of confidence” have been running nonstop for months, even though she’s the only one in the world who’s ever thought Californians lacked confidence about anything.

Anyway, she’s having some press issues according to the SF Chronicle. She invited the media to cover her at Union Pacific Railroad’s office, then barred them from any questions:

Instead, reporters were herded into a holding room while Whitman toured the facility. Sarah Pompei, the candidate’s spokeswoman, said they were not allowed to accompany the former eBay executive on the tour because Union Pacific officials “did not want that to happen” and had barred the media.

A Union Pacific spokesman, Aaron Hunt, appeared to contradict Pompei – telling The Chronicle that the company had always expected media to attend Whitman’s tour – and in fact, welcomed coverage.

Hm. Train wreck? Anyone?

She’s already been compared to Sarah Palin, this will not help.

Also related: Jerry Brown supporters have launched a site called Level The Playing Field, a WikiMeg, it appears to be trying to crowdsource dirt/info on the press shy candidate. Although since there are no real reporters or anyone with investigative chops or credibility, it’s all Glenn Beckish.