Meet Your New Viacom Permalance Taskmasters

1205remotecontrol.JPGSo, by now, everyone’s heard the news of Viacom’s spectacularly evil decision to cut their 1099 employees’ (of which they have a TON of them. you know, being television and all) dental benefits and paid vacation time right before Christmas.

So how are they doing this?

We’ve been hearing that Viacom is firing their freelancers and forcing them to instead sign up with an external company who will handle payroll and insurance. Best of all, employees are being forced to sign their new paperwork *before* the company takes the opportunity to explain the changes to them.

In any case, the company who won the Viacom deal is Cast & Crew, who describe themselves as “a leading provider of payroll services to the entertainment industry.”

Has anyone had experiences with Cast & Crew that they want to share? Let us know.