Meet the FishbowlDC Intern Part I

For the next three days we’re going to chat with our new intern who shall remain nameless until our big reveal. A proper hazing is in order (i.e. answering bizarre FishbowlDC-esque questions) before he can officially start.

He begins Friday. And we cannot wait to begin ordering him around. For those of you who know who it is: Shhh (please).

We’ll begin with softballs…

What’s your major in college? Political Communication
Do you think that’s going to get you anywhere in this town? All I’m concerned with is a diploma with my name on it. I picked my major out of a hat.
Your hometown? Scotch Plains, NJ
Is that anywhere near Snooki or The Situation? Do you watch Jersey Shore? Believe it or not, you’re not the first person to ask me this. Scotch Plains isn’t close to the Jersey shore, but my sister went to find the cast once and saw Snooki dancing on a rooftop or something. It wasn’t clear and I was too lazy to ask for more details. But yes, like any good under-30-something, I usually watch Jersey Shore. I don’t always like it, but I watch it. This season looks f–king amazing, though. Fist fights! Stripping! Sammi/Ronnie breakups!
What’s your dream journalism job (aside from this one)? My dream journalism job would be one where I could just watch stuff on Hulu and Netflix all day and then MAYBE write about if I feel like it and get paid a billion dollars.
From a few of your answers you sound as though you might have a hint of laziness in you. Do you? Lazy, me? Huh? Of course not. (Don’t ask anyone who has ever met me.)