Meet Maggie–Undiscovered Screenwriter of the Month

Los Angeles is the town of nearly 10 million people. And every single, blessed one of them is writing a screenplay.

The blogs of successful writers, like Jane Espenson, or Ron Moore’s BSG blog are usually well-meaning and informative, in a kind of inside-baseball way. Ken Levine actualy writes about baseball, too, which is why he’s in this sentence.

And some shows have group blogs, like Grey’s Anatomy. These sound more like PR products. Sons and Daughters has a blog, but it’s barricaded behind an ABC log-in, so what’s the point?

But the not-quite-there writers have a special charm for FBLA. We’re quite fond of reading about the struggles of Maggie. Proofreader–but on a studio lot–by day, impassioned knitter and writer the rest of the time, Maggie’s got a sparkling chatty style which has the potential to turn into something more manic, and that’s always intriguing. She’s written a heap of spec scripts, and we think some showrunner out there should read one.

FBLA has never met the woman, and we’re not likely to, judging by this quote:

L. and I were talking about the meaninglessness of what you write. One hand: arbitrary diatribe on arcane literary esoterica. Other hand: spec script for a television show. In the grand scheme, equally meaningless, surely? Except: I actually enjoy writing one of them. Totally LOVE writing it. Would rather write it than eat.

We hate to write, love to have written. Nevertheless, we’re rooting for Maggie.