Meet, Face, Politico

So the Politico had an ad from “Meet the Press” in the first issue, despite having established a pretty tight relationship with “Face the Nation.”

Now, the Politico’s Roger Simon will be the first Politico’r to go on MTP this weekend.

Is “Face” pissed? Or is MTP so dominant that guests (and the publications that employ them) simply cannot afford to skip it?

Regardless, MTP will be an especially good one this week, not only because of Simon but also because Howie Kurtz is making an appearance, too. We hear that he’ll be discussing the Libby Trial — especially the role of journalists — and whether this has had an effect on the way Washington is covered. This is Kurtz’s first appearance since 2002 and his sixth overall.

The best part? From 10:30-11am, Howie will be competing with himself.