Meebo in Facebook's Good Graces Again: Reinstates Chat

Meebo is back in business with Facebook. After adding Facebook support for its multi-client chat tool late last year, Facebook requested that Meebo remove the service due to issues with the way in which Meebo was connecting to Facebook’s network. But the standing issues between Meebo and Facebook have since been resolved, and Meebo is able to add Facebook chat support by leveraging Facebook Connect.

The details surrounding the technical issues that Facebook cited when requesting that Meebo remove Facebook chat support from its service are still cloudy, and when we first learned of Facebook’s request we were also baffled.

As a third party developer working with Facebook’s Platform (or most other platforms for that matter) there’s always the risk of doing something that directly conflicts with the owner of that platform. And with Facebook being at the forefront of open platforms for social networking purposes, there are many times when its terms are unclear or take weeks for Facebook to completely verify them at all.

However, when Meebo announced that Facebook had requested that the chat service remove Facebook support, the company also hinted that it was working with Facebook on a way to reinstate support for Facebook chat. Facebook itself mentioned that it was looking to offer additional chat options for developers by leveraging Facebook Connect, and it looks like that’s exactly what it’s done, given Meebo’s new implementation of Facebook chat support.

This makes Meebo the first official launch partner of the alpha version of the Facebook Connect + Chat integration program, which is designed to protect users, their login info and authenticated sessions. When it’s all said and done, developer and user frustrations aside, it’s important to remember that user safety in regards to such open platforms is still very important, especially considering the many phishing scams that are currently plauging Facebook.

We’re glad to see that Meebo and Facebook have found a way to team up in such a relatively short amount of time, and there will surely be more applications arise from Facebook’s new Connect + Chat integration program in the coming months.