Mediaite Cracks Down on Commenters

Leaving nasty, personal comments on Mediaite just got a whole lot harder. Last week, the site posted that it was changing their commenting policy. In June of last year, they announced that they were going to keep a more watchful eye on those who posted in the comments section. At the time, they said the nature of their site allows commenters to interact with writers and subjects in a unique way, so they needed to patrol more effectively. Apparently, that wasn’t effective enough.

They have announced that they are cracking down again. Their previous policy didn’t go far enough. They describe the new guidelines like this:

“If you’re reading this site, we’re going to assume you’re smart enough to know what types of comments cross the line. Personal attacks towards other commenters and racist or otherwise discriminatory rants against media and political figures are childish and unseemly. And they’re no longer being tolerated.”

But it still leaves plenty of room for interpretation. Who exactly is patrolling the site now? And what exactly will get a commenter scolded and a comment deleted? This crusade by Mediaite seems noble enough, but  poorly defined. Here’s more on their guidelines…

“You can still be incendiary and partisan and obnoxious — we’re just asking you do it with some respect. Maybe this will inspire a little creativity, perhaps it will raise the level of discussion; our aim is simply to make it less of a turnoff for readers and new commenters. And, frankly, to get rid of the antagonizers who only exist to rile up other users.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on the site to see just how effective their new policy is.

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