Mediahub/Mullen Going Programmatic With Videology

Ad platform will help handle buying across TV, digital video

Mediahub, the media arm of Boston-based agency Mullen, will be working with programmatic video ad platform Videology to help meet its clients' TV and digital video needs.

"It's a one TV/digital video world, and we're trying to plan and prepare for that. We're looking for partners that can help plan across screens that can manage the data under one roof," said Sean Corcoran, Mullen's svp, director of digital media and social influence.

Corcoran added that he hopes the programmatic video ad platform will show Mediahub/Mullen the optimal approach to reaching heavy TV and digital viewers. Through the partnership, Mediahub/Mullen hopes to use the Nielsen TV data incorporated into Videology's methods to inform planning, buying and measurement across platforms. Videology's technology will also be used to target ads and provide further insights into the impact of a campaign. 

"We look forward to using this partnership to help develop even smarter, more valuable solutions for advertisers and breaking new ground in video advertising," Videology CEO Scott Ferber said in a statement.

Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail said the partnership wasn't surprising, and believes that we'll see more agencies joining forces with programmatic ad platforms in order to convince brands to stick with their services. Also, Nail explained that while programmatic platforms may seem like an easy technology to use, it takes the deft skill of analysts to program the algorithms. The people who know how to do that are still rare, and if agencies can identify that talent and get them to join their teams, they they may be ahead of the game.

"There's fear that the advertisers will go directly to programmatic platforms," Nail said. "Agencies want to get there first so they can figure out who's the best talent and how to add value for the management of a programmatic strategy."

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