Mediabistro Presents ‘From Foodie to Food-Writer: How to Break into Culinary Journalism’

As Mr. T would say, I pity the food! Let me elaborate. I pity the food writer, or aspiring food writer, who doesn’t come to the panel next week about how to break into culinary journalism, which mediabistro, which finances this blog and employs me to write it, is sponsoring. Speakers will include Leslie Brenner (food editor, LAT— ask her about the paper’s amazing test kitchen), Laurie Buckle (ME, Bon Appetit), and Norman Kolpas, who has written over forty cookbooks and ghost-writes Wolfgang Puck’s syndicated column. I’m hungry already- hungry for knowledge. Should be a great panel, and it costs less than a grilled cheese sandwich at Campanille. More info here.