Media short ends: Your Valderrama is so ignorant, he doesn’t understand where the linguistic idiom he’s exploiting comes from

– Tonight Wilmer Valderrama debuts his new MTV show ‘Yo Momma.’ The trash-talking televised contest was inspired not by the rich African-American oral tradition from which trash talk derives, but, the auteur tells the NYT, from a scene in ‘Summer Catch,’ a movie starring himself and Freddie Prinze Jr.

– Is Stacey Snider’s new job at Dreamworks a Pellicano-fallout contingency plan devised by Sumner Redstone? Edward Jay Epstein thinks so.

– This week, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ becomes the first studio movie available for legal download and purchase (as opposed to streaming-on-demand). Of course, downloading it will cost you about twice as much as just buying the DVD, but I guess there are a lot of gay early-tech-adapters with disposable income.

– An agent hangs up his shingle to become a war correspondent in Iraq. No, not a pilot in development at Spike TV, but for real.

– Oh, and fishbowlLA is now 100% foreskin-free. Congrats Claude and Taffy!