Media Miscellany: Anniversary Edition

Adam Penenberg: Being A J-School professor is time-consuming! In his maiden column for Slate, tech maven and NYU Journalism professor Adam Penenberg explains just how devoted he is to keeping you honest (or, why it would be collossally stupid to plagiarize in his class). Slate agrees that cheating is wrong and proves it by including a helpful link to where students can buy term papers online at the last minute. If they start with “Since the dawn of time…” they’re totally mine, my teachers used to love that one. [Slate]

Wait, what were we talking about again? NYT Op-Ed Page editor Gail Collins published a very earnest and factoid-filled Editor’s Note yesterday which shared all sorts of information about James Madison (died in 1836, apparently), Nebraskans (or was Floridians?) and Michael Brown not-rommate Joseph Allbaugh — but kind of buries the lede, namely that the NYT was publishing a correction to Paul Krugman’s oft-clarified August 19th column regarding the Florida recount (but didn’t have the “Go To Article” link — do they not pull down the subscription wall for corrections?). The Corrections page also clarified the non-roommate status of Brown-Allbaugh above and, hilariously, attributed the fact that Mick Jagger preferred “Friedrich von Hayek’s laissez-faire economics to Bill Clinton’s more Keynesian views” to an interview when it was in fact from an SNL sketch. Also, I heard there’s this half-man half-goat they keep in a lab who sometimes hosts a show on MTV. [NYT]