Media Minutiae: You Probably Think This Post Is About You

  • Walter Cronkite is getting it on with Carly Simon‘s sister Johanna, and apparently ancticipation isn’t making them wait. I have typed and erased several Carly Simon lyrics here, which sound surprisingly racy when applied to Walter Cronkite’s romantic life (who knew “come, the new Jerusalem!” could sound so skeevy?). For the record, “You had me several years ago when I was still quite naive” was NOT on the list. [Fishbowl DC, Jossip, NYDN]
  • It’s the internet, where EVERYONE has the chance to be hot! We admit it, we’ve enjoyed Gawker’s recent extended celebration of media hotness, and we’ve enjoyed browsing through the extensive array of comely Washington media folk thanks to FishbowlDC’s cross-indexing of categories and sub-categories in their own “Hottest DC Media Types” feature. Now “curb appeal” gets a whole new meaning with Curbed’s “Broker Boys and Babes” competition featuring all the hotness you could ever want for your usurious 15% fee. We’re casting our vote for Andy Klepner, the first ever New York broker we ever met, who very nearly convinced Fishbowl that a shoebox two-bedroom on the Upper West Side with a standup shower and combination kitchen-living room for $3800 was the best she was ever gonna get. Lookin’ good, Andy! Woo hoo, it’s your time to shine!
  • Speaking of Gawker hotness, is Campbell Robertson angling for your vote? Voting for the hottest gossip type lasts ’til tomorrow at noon, and this will be Campbell’s second kick at the Gawker hotness can (Gawker seems to be pulling for him. Aw.). Today’s Boldface column has nary a showtune reference (even we can admit that those don’t always smack of masculinity) but does have a rather breathless and evocative comparison of sex and politics. We blush to reproduce it here – we are professionals, after all – but suffice it to say that after the long and drawn-out description Mr. Robertson professed to need a cigarette. Coincidence? We think not. Our votes are not so easily bought, Campbell Robertson. No really, they’re not. Seriously.
  • What is a fire and why does it – what’s that word – burn? We didn’t choose this headline based on the above post, we swear – Disney made us do it! We’re still loving blog synchronicty, and the latest example just happens to involve “The Little Mermaid,” which we legitimately referenced in two separate posts (in The Fishies re: Entertainment Weekly and today re: Ariel Kaminer). We swear we do not try to do this, it just happens, which is why blogging is a world of such unexpected delights.