Media Minutiae Two, Because There’s A Lot Going On Today Edition

  • Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown Throwdown to Jeff Bercovici: I know the name of Richard Parsons‘ wine and yooooou don’t. Ooh, not such a tough guy now, eh? You make me sick. [NYDN]
  • The WSJ is givin’ it away: Free WSJ content all week! Whoo-hoo! Read all about how Libby’s lawyer is going to grill Judy, Matt & Tim. [WSJ]
  • Newspaper circulation is down 2.6%. Fight back, newsies! The future is in your forceful, ink-stained hands! Maybe that’s why morale is down at the times. But it’s probably Judy Miller. [AdAge]
  • Anyone remember Ashleigh Banfield? TVNewser does. Anderson Cooper should. [TVNewser]
  • This Nation is your nation, this Nation is Katrina vanden Heuvel’s Nation: Katrina vanden Heuvel succeeds Victor Navasky as publsher of The Nation, does not inspire folk songs, at least not like the WSJ (“For seven day/You needn’t pay/for the WSJ”). Okay, the WSJ doesn’t inspire folk songs, either, but we like singing quietly to ourselves. [NYT]
  • Who’s tired of MoDo yet? Not Romenesko, the Boston Globe, WaPo (wearing another pair of trampy shoes with awful black stockings — the madness stops here, MoDo!), or the New York Times Sunday Crossword. A tipster writes: “Is the Times loving Maureen Dowd so much these days that they are willing to make her a puzzle clue? 21 Across: “Sharp-penned Maureen.” Four letters. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t ‘ORTH.'”