Media Minutiae, TV Networks X Out The Darnedest Things Edition

X marks the Cheney.jpg

  • CNN accidentally broadcasts a huge black “X” over Vice-President Cheney’s face during a televised speech, which subsequently makes Drudge’s day (and, no doubt, lots of people who maybe have unresolved feelings toward the Vice-President). Drudge says “Is someone in Atlanta trying to tell us something?” and writes that “a CNN spokesman did not return repeated calls late Monday night” (aka 9:25 pm ET, the timestamp of his posting); but our own TVNewser got an explanation from CNN less than an hour after Drudge posted (something to do with switchers and secret campaigns against the Vice-President unfortunate timing). Meanwhile, despite being apprised of the explanation, Drudge’s site still says “developing” which I guess in this case means “if you want updates, go to TVNewser.” [Drudge, TVNewser]
  • Is Jane Peter Carlson’s new favorite magazine? The WaPo columnist answers the questions raised on magazine covers, also noticed Kate Moss’ nipples. [WaPo]
  • Speaking of same, apparently they were released to the warm glow of sunshine in St. Barts, according to Page Six. Apparently she’s there shooting a campaign, along with her nanny and Lila Frances Bean or whatever her name is. Don’t tell Vanity Fair, they might snap photos and run them in a year. [Page Six]
  • Looking for the next Woodward and Bernstein! (Except maybe without that whole PlameGate thing) Political blog Talking Points Memo is looking for two intrepid blogger-reporters to helm a new blog addressing “wall-to-wall coverage of corruption, self-dealing and betrayals of the public trust in today’s Washington.” One of them will be exclusively assigned to Tom DeLay. [TPM]
  • Robert Novak: Still cranky. [FishbowlDC]
  • I just received spam from someone named Shprintzel Posey. I think he wants to be a doctor, make a mother so proud. Oy, such nachas. What? You want to be a no-goodnik blogger? For this I carried you for nine months and by the way almost died giving birth? And would it kill you to pick up a phone, Shprintzel?