Media Minutiae: The “You Won’t Find This In The Folio Salary Survey” Edition

  • Read it and weep. Michael Caruso’s contract, that is. Gawker finally managed to get its grubby hands on the complete filing of his lawsuit against Jann Wenner, and inside there are provisions that associate editors can only dream of. And just to prove how rascally Jann can be, Ad Age’s Nat Ives points out that the incentive for being named to the magazine’s “Hot List” will never pay out, since there is no such thing.
  • Ted Turner to leave Time Warner’s board, ride off into sunset. As he walks away, he once again hums “Don’t Fence Me In…”
  • Yes, Brad, why do you think Ruper Murdoch was willing to pay it? MySpace co-founder Brad Greenspan suffers a case of seller’s remorse and sues his former company, claiming that the $580 million Murdoch and News Corp. paid for it was criminally low.
  • “Now the whole world knows he’s clueless.” Like many hapless victims before him, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich fails to realize The Daily Show isn’t real. Although he began to wise up when they suggested he was gay.