Media Minutiae: The “Howard Stern Misses The Trifecta” Edition

  • The blogosphere’s cool kids won’t stay cool forever. (There’s hope for us yet.) In the wake of last week’s New York magazine cover story (we’re officially tired of linking to it), venture capitalist Fred Wilson calls bullshit on “Power Law” theory with the help of Tristan Louis, who crunched the numbers and discovered that 90 of the top 100 blogs just nine months ago have slipped in the rankings, 65 of which have fallen off the list completely.
  • Howard Stern on Sirius: Now with 34% more expletives! The watchdogs at Family Media Guide recent the latest stats recorded by their “Shockulator,” and the general trend is anything but: F-bombs are up 62%, and “shit” doubled, but there are still plenty of listeners who will take a bath in Vegas: “A 100% decrease in C*NTs, from 11 instances to 0. This entry shockulated the “Shockulator” auditors most, with several people losing serious money in the pools.”
  • Who decided we needed a flood of College Humor imitators? First, Office Pirates, and now here’s National Lampoon with Toga!
  • While we’re on the topic of rip-offs: Mark Burnett believes he can do The Daily Show one better. If Rachel were here, she wouldn’t stand for any of that crazy talk.