Media Minutiae: The “After Blogging This For Month, I’m Ready To Switch To PR Myself” Edition

  • More Mailer for your money! Norman and John Buffalo, father and son, legendary blowhard and former High Times great white hope will bound onto the stage together Thursday night at The New York Society for Ethical Culture to discuss their new book with the the Bonnie Fuller-esque title, “The Big Empty: A Dialogue on Politics, Sex, God, Boxing, Morality, Myth, Poker and Bad Conscience in America.” In an ideal world, drunken rages and fist-fighting would ensue, but they’ll probably just ramble on for a while.
  • Is the F train running late? Blame amNew York! In a totally non-self-serving expose, The New York Sun reveals that all the free dailies it just happens to be scrapping with are generating an extra 15 tons of trash per day, most of which is ending up on the tracks and costing the MTA millions in expenses.
  • Why are an increasing number of journalists switching teams and playing for PR firms? I seem to recall this pearl of wisdom from j-school: follow the money.
  • Rutgers professors are still pissed that New York Times editor Nancy Sharkey had the gall to tell students to buzz off because of their overly-critical professor. And now the Society of Professional Journalists is condeming the paper as well. “It is surprising that an editor that high up in an organization known for its sophistication would put something like that in an e-mail,” said the chairman of the Society’s ethics committee. “You should know better, even if is is what you’re thinking.” So, the lesson here kids: never leave a paper trail.